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Ask questions, it will help you learn much faster and there is

overview for eAceNia

No, it definitely homophobic. Of course, people with your disorder have poor social skills and tend to speak before they think, so canada goose outlet sale I let that one slide baby boy.

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canada goose clearance sale Oh goodness. Having trouble in class are we? Not canada goose jacket outlet uk surprising for someone of your emotional maturity. I suggest calming down, everyone needs help here and there, even the normal kids canada goose outlet 80 off that pick on you every now and then. Ask questions, it will help you learn much faster and there is nothing to be ashamed of. canada goose clearance sale

canadian goose jacket It certainly a much more productive use of your time canada goose outlet paypal instead of randomly replying canada goose discount uk to posts you don even read and projecting your flaws on to said posters. canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose sale Yikes! That a big assumption from an aspie who hasn canada goose outlet washington dc even read the post he responding to. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Parka Take your meds and head to bed kiddo. Tomorrow will be a better day for you :) Canada Goose Parka

On a side note: I don know canada goose outlet hong kong why you so mad. You said I was being elitist(even though you haven read my post) when in reality I was defending canada goose outlet store montreal the statement of someone who was canada goose factory outlet toronto location being attacked by a bunch of people in a circlejerk. Why canada goose jacket outlet store did you have canada goose outlet in vancouver it out for me instead of any of them? Because I went against the grain and shared my own “opinion” and how do you know what I said if you didn read?

Canada Goose Jackets I suggest calming canada goose parka uk down before your post. You made yourself look incredibly stupid and immature. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Outlet I mean, when you guys attack /u/spazzalo for making a very valid statement without even considering multiple variables(IE, how Twitch can actually be played, how much Pink Ward placement actually prevents champions like Twitch, positioning, etc) you bound canada goose outlet online uk to get canada goose outlet niagara falls people who actually know how the game works putting you in your place. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose store He never said “Clump up as 5 in a perfect line canada goose outlet ontario and stand still for Eve/Twitch to get free ultimates on you” he said stay as 5, similar to how professional and high elo teams have ALWAYS canada goose outlet seattle played versus Twitch and Eve since the Pink Ward changes. canada goose store

canada goose clearance Twitch stealth is literally a movement and attack speed steroid outside of making 1v1 picks late game, especially if you lack the ability to think about how the game is actually and can actually be played. If Twitch is literally able to canada goose outlet get in range of you like that and kill you all in a perfect line, your “slot efficiency” isn the problem. canada goose clearance

If people don like others being “elisest douchebags” make an effort not to be one yourself. My statement also isn “an opinion”. It how competent players play as and versus Twitch in a standard game.

Canada Goose online You canada goose outlet uk have a point for Eve, but Twitch trying to stealth ult 5 people is going to end poorly canada goose outlet belgium for Twitch versus a vast majority of compositions unless he super fed in which case having a pink ward isn going to save you. Canada Goose online

In fact, it probably wouldn go to well for Eve either, but she really good at flanking and canada goose outlet ottawa she does get a shield so her movements aren as predictable or easy to punish as Twitch needs to stay with his team late game, in group scenarios, which I canada goose outlet shop assume his entire team isn stealthed, so by extension players generally should have a good idea where Twitch is)

Furthermore, unless all 5 of you buy the pink ward upgrade and are constantly warding literally every path for this stealth champions to take, you aren going to prevent them from doing what they need to do.

Also, there is a difference between clumping up in a perfect group or line canada goose outlet in usa and staying as 5, but leave to le Reddit challenjours to bash a post for “good thinking” without showing any merit of critical thinking or understanding of the game at a higher level themselves :^)

canada goose coats The thing about Singed is the only people who play him are so dedicated to him(and people aren used to playing against good singed players) that they buy canada goose uk make him look better than he actually is. canada goose coats

His average player has a massive 119 games played on him, yet he can only bust out a 52% global winrate in high elo. That pretty ridiculous. He more or less reliant on someone who dedicates their entire League of Legends existence to Singed to take advantage of the uncoordinated chaos goose outlet canada of soloq.

canada goose black friday sale He also pretty statchecky, just in a different way than the usual hyper carry steroids, you keep away from singed(and win) or can and lose. canada goose black friday sale

Very few ADC literally use attack move for every click. And those who do usually bind it to their mouse and it canada goose outlet 2015 still isn at frequency most Eve mains smash something that isn built to withstand it. Auto attacks again, also will target someone automatically after the initial imput and presssing a key is also more hard canada goose outlet edmonton on your fingers and hands then clicking the mouse(most of the mechanical imput from ADC even when attack moving, comes from clicking to cancel animation) And it still rarely compared to how most Eve players mash Q(literally finger blasting the q to not miss a single dps)

buy canada goose jacket cheap who clicks 16 times per second buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose deals No one. But mouses, official canada goose outlet especially gaming mouses, are build to withstand a ridiculous amount of clicking. No Keyboard is build to withstand a similar amount of canada goose outlet uk sale presses in rapid succession. canada goose deals

Outside of cheesing, Jax canada goose outlet real is pretty abusable by most meta top laners. He can lane pretty easily against champion like Maokai if you get good wave control or last until the first item/6, but even then it canada goose outlet orlando isn guaranteed.

cheap Canada Goose Similarly, Vayne loses a vast majority of match ups before the enemy AD is even considered. Yeah, she can duel over an extended period of time better than other AD and has outplay potential, even wins a couple match ups such as Sivir in the 1v1, but she does get abused heavily in lane. She doesn get instastomped like in Season 2 by shit like Cait/Sona, but canada goose outlet las vegas she far from “really strong” in your typical laning scenario cheap Canada Goose.