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The Real Reason Orcas and Dolphins are Called

Note: I strongly suggest to the reader, before judging this passage, to read it in its entirety.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Dolphin species (orca whales, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, ect.) are often hailed as benevolent, friendly, free spiritual, and sometimes even god like. I’ve observed people canada goose outlet store calgary make the claim that they are smarter than humans, have a higher level of conciseness than us (whatever that means), and that us humans should aspire to be like them in nearly every way. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale And also apparently I am a horrible, selfish, and arrogant person who could never approach the grandeur of canada goose outlet parka cetacean hood. I keep non domesticated pets (dun dun duuuun!). What’s worse, I belong to a species that is mostly unwilling to forfeit a natural diet in the name of ethics, engages in war, and destroys the Earth. canada goose black friday sale

Ever canada goose jacket outlet sale Heard These Complaints About the Human Species Before?Of course you have. Viewing canada goose outlet london uk humans as the scourge of the Earth is a kind of ideological sentiment that is spreading like malignant cells (something human population growth is also often compared to).

canadian goose jacket In canada goose coats uk fact, I have a superior understanding of this canada goose outlet in uk because many times, I have felt this way and occasionally still do. It’s hard not to when you bear witness to the numerous and endless atrocities we canada goose outlet phone number collectively as a species commit. canadian goose jacket

canada goose Yet, because this is true, canada goose outlet ottawa people become irrational and desperate, and start looking toward examples in the animal kingdom as a beacon of innocence and beauty, seemingly because that’s everything they believe our species should aspire to be. canada goose

canada goose deals Dolphins Are Getting Away with Murder Nothing seems to thrill humans and mega fauna lovers (distinct from ‘animal lovers’ or nature lovers) as much as animals with qualities that they consider to be power, beauty, and intelligence. canada goose deals

canada goose clearance sale People seem to have a special place in their hearts for animals such as horses, wolves, elephants, and of course, dolphins. canada goose clearance sale

I myself, am a bug person, which is considered a little unique. How on Earth am canada goose outlet authentic I able to love mosquitoes, people wonder?

canada goose store They can canada goose outlet store quebec of course make outdoor excursions miserable for humans and even spread vicious illness in undeveloped countries. Why would these horrid animals choose canada goose outlet florida to bring forth this suffering on to humans? canada goose outlet us My answer canada goose outlet jackets is this: well, for one thing, they canada goose outlet store near me can’t really tout a complex brain allowing them to consider ethics and the effects they are having on people. canada goose store

canada goose coats More importantly, if they stopped sucking blood to feed their babies, they would cease canada goose outlet locations in toronto to exist. I guess it is surprising to mega fauna lovers that small insects also have self preservation instincts and aren’t concerned canada goose outlet belgium with human discomfort in which they would have the commit mass suicide to promote (this would also lead to ecological damage and a loss of biodiversity). canada goose coats

Dolphins on the other hand, with an emphasis on orca whales (or killer whales) are another story entirely.

The only thing more bewildering than the existence of people who are trying to achieve human rights for cetaceans is the fact that a good number of people are actually considering their proposals.

Yet it appears to be difficult for people to realize that the cetacean rights movements are a facet of the animal rights movement. Such an ideology seeks to end human interaction and use of animals entirely. Unfortunately, the movement gains a lot of momentum because our society’s love for dolphins is so fixed.

cheap Canada Goose I think dolphins can thank captivity for a large part of the reason that this canada goose womens outlet is so. Either way, many people have such a strong affliction for the creatures that they near view them as mystical beings. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose online Clearly, dolphins are just fun loving beings which simply choose not to engage in war or follow a dividing religion. Clearly, this is a display canada goose jacket outlet uk of the ultimate of intelligence. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets At this point you, the reader, should canada goose outlet trillium parka black be rolling your eyes. Obviously, the animals do not possess the ability to enter such an ideological conflict of ideas. And trust me, smaller dolphin species do have something worth fighting for, such as being killed by a larger species of dolphin like orca whales, otherwise known as killer whales (which is a very fitting name). Canada Goose Jackets

But orca whales are just doing what they need to do to survive, right?

Canada Goose sale There is a strong possibility that this isn’t always to case. Canada Goose sale

For the longest time I had to accept the explanation from killer whale fans that the torture of seals and cetaceans perpetuated by the transient orca whale pods was purely a survival protocol to teach the youngsters how to hunt.

Canada Goose Outlet However, an interesting fact that I was not taught in animal science classes is that orca whales do not need to eat seals or cetaceans. Apparently killer whales canada goose factory outlet are highly opportunistic with their diets, and while some mostly eat fish, others choose to consume cetaceans and pinnipeds. The food choices are apparently ‘cultural’ (one reason why people think they should have human rights and be considered human equivalents) along with their traveling behavior and ‘languages’. Canada Goose Outlet

Do Orca Whales Kill for Fun?It turns out that buy canada goose uk there was more validity to my earlier statements than I was led to believe. Orca whales do not need to torture their prey to survive (or thrive). Their torture of fellow equally intelligent and emotional ocean mates is a ‘cultural choice’. canada goose outlet usa Humans love to celebrate this fact but do not come to the canada goose outlet winnipeg same conclusions as I canada goose outlet in toronto do because they have devotion fueled reasoning which shapes their view of the animals. Not only do orcas kill, but they enjoy the hell out of it similar to humans who pleasure hunt and pose, all smiles, next to canada goose premium outlet their dispatched victims. In fact, in a segment of a killer whale documentary, the field scientist describes this with glee, suggesting the animals are ‘high fiving’ each other after a successful hunt.

Drowning Whale Babies A little more disturbing are the ‘sub cultural’ groups of orcas that spend a good 2 6 hours trying to separate a baby calf that the mother grey whale has carried (gestation is approximately 13.5 months, and they give birth once every couple of years) and nurtured for over a year.

canada goose clearance Again, consider that this animal is similarly or equally as intelligent as the orcas, and many will canada goose outlet black friday tell you that cetaceans are similarly and equally as intelligent and emotional as humans (or perhaps more, they will say). canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket The orcas know what they’re doing, and they know what the mother is going through emotionally. At least, according to the people who think they are humans with flippers. The orca whales chase the new parent until she and her calf succumb to exhaustion, and try to drown her baby. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale It can be argued that a mother losing a child is one canada goose outlet paypal of the greatest emotional pains a person can experience, and orca whales bring it upon grey whales so they can only eat the baby’s tongue, throat, and lip. You read that correctly. canada goose coats on sale

Apparently, it is a ‘delicacy’ to orca whales, canada goose outlet eu like fois gras or veal is to canada goose outlet store uk humans. Orca whales subject animals with similar intelligence to themselves over this meager portion. When you look at the fact that these animals have similar intelligence, it becomes clear canada goose outlet that canada goose outlet montreal orcas preying on cetaceans would not be unlike humans choosing to exclusively consume chimpanzees and gorillas (but even worse).

I would say, arguably, that killing a whale’s baby is the most ‘unehtical’ food choice in the world. After the suffering and mental agony of both mother and child ends when the baby is finally killed, the mother, highly emotional as any cetacean lover can attest to, gets to endure similar mental suffering to that of a human for some time afterwards.