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If we want to do our best at reducing climate change

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Canada Goose Jackets Unless you have a cheap way to quite literally move mountains, that not feasible as a solution to the uselessness of intermittent power like solar. If you care about environmental impact the kind of flooding you do to create new such reservoirs can be devestating. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Outlet I just don see canada goose stockists uk the canada goose victoria parka outlet point of tanking the economy not only subsidizing solar and wind, but paying even more over their buy canada goose uk lifetime to get rid of their useless power, and millions to billions on infrastructure to support the more ad hoc network needed to connect the mess that is a largely geographically distributed wind farm or private solar on businesses/homes. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose sale This article is not a positive in any way canada goose jacket uk for solar and wind. It showing that we over pay for the power to begin with, then have to it away because it useless power. We can dial up or down the wind or the sun, and the feasibility of storing energy for intermittent power is centuries if not millenia away unless we have a truly miraculous 10000x (yes, it that bad) canada goose outlet toronto location breakthrough in energy storage. We managed 100x from 1900 til now, I don see 10000x happening before significant climate change. If we want to do our best at reducing climate change, wind and solar just don help fast enough. We need to act yesterday, and the tech to make canada goose factory outlet toronto location solar and wind useful may not materialize until it is far too late. Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket So, sit around waiting on dreams, try to create a planet wide energy grid to get that capcity factor up (also dubiously useful, that take a lot of money and time). Or. Use something actually meaningfully helpful today like nuclear and gas turbine plants. Well built gas turbine plants are hugely less polluting than coal. Nuclear has a comparable environmental impact to solar and wind (and btw the environmental argument completely evaporates for wind and solar if you stop lying to yourself and acknowledge the need for storage to make it useful in any way. Lithium ion batteries and massive hydroelectric excavation projects are neither cheap nor environmentally friendly). I know it expensive but people really have no idea the kind of energy storage needed to get wind and solar even above 50%. Think mining the solar system level of economics at current energy storage technology levels. :) canadian goose jacket

Canada Ontario canada goose outlet ontario is another decent case study for the uselessness of wind and solar. We currently have a similar problem to California, which we handle by selling excess to Michigan canada goose outlet florida at one third to one half the going rate in what is an incredible deal for Michigan, and a total failure for renewables. The program to create renewable power in Ontario is many times more expensive than claimed by the government that oversaw the project, and will continue to be an even bigger cost over their lifetime. A nice double slap to the face for everyone. Not one fossil fuel power plant turns off, and billions are squandered. As bonus points, the cost of infrastructure to connect the plants is not included in the project, and is hidden away in the budget as to infrastructure Neat, so you let the real infrastructure rot so you can build new stuff to connect the power that nobody wants, and everyone pays a canada goose outlet canada different country canada goose outlet price to get rid of. Smashing success. It doesn matter if wind and solar produce goose outlet canada a decent amount of power a few days a year canada goose outlet store uk we can predict it, so we can react much, except for gas turbines. However we seem to opt for repeatedly shooting ourselves in the canada goose outlet store new york foot selling at a loss to Michigan instead. Another bonus is wind produces more power at the times of year it needed least (winter) and less when it needed most (summer). Very obviously, the same goes for solar. wow would you believe it, the people who say solar and energy storage are possible are the people that want to sell these things. canada goose outlet woodbury Crazy!

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buy canada goose jacket cheap While the US definitely does have major problems in their jail system, education systems and basically everything, hey are not comparable to Nordic countries. Nordic countries are able to experiment a lot more with their government canada goose jacket outlet toronto systems than the US can because canada goose outlet miami of their lower population and lower diversity. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose In addition, Norway is a lot more spread out than the US’s larger cities, and denser populations lead to higher crime rates. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose online Watching something in the US and going “oh if they did what Norway did.” isn’t really applicable because the US canada goose outlet store quebec has many more variables that Nordic countries just don’t have to deal with. Canada Goose online

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canada goose deals I obviously agree with you canada goose outlet online uk agreeing with the OP but disagree with your final point that by extending the event, the company brings in more money. If anything, I would almost argue that the opposite may be true. shorter events would generate more money for canada goose womens outlet the company. You can read this thread here for additional rational.”Gemming” or whatever verb we want canada goose outlet store montreal to associate with the action of speeding up interactions with store bought gems (presumably) canada goose outlet in vancouver is a practice that tends to only happen during the last hour or 2 of the event. Speaking as someone who held the number 1 position for the first 15 or so hours into the event, the guys in position 1 through 10 have not spent any gems throughout the entire event thus canada goose outlet uk sale far. For what it worth, I never maintained a top 10 position since the very first event (I think it was green?). I just don have the stomach nor the current lifestyle arrangement to be able to grind for more than a few hours once in a blue moon just for fun. so Wal Mart yodeling kid was performing at our local Wal Mart, and I wore one of the shirts we sell to go canada goose outlet washington dc see him. (Would be sick if I got a pic with him while wearing our shirt, right?). I posted a couple pics of it on the business Instagram story. canada goose deals

canada goose store I got a message on our Instagram, from a girl saying she saw me canada goose outlet usa there, and she was a big fan of the brand and she’d just gotten a shirt herself canada goose outlet canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale 2 days later was canada goose jacket outlet sale the big incident. Looking back on the message, I find out it was her lol. The audacity!! canada goose black friday sale

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canada goose First of all, the money goes to city or county court which is revenue for the city or canada goose clothing uk county, not the state, or at least that I have ever seen. Seizing property (money, guns, vehicles, etc) is a result of a felony and I don see why that would bother anyone and you can only seize during certain felonies like felony drug dealing, sex trafficking, canada goose outlet in new york and a few other crimes that the local police wouldn be involved with. In most states ticket quotas are illegal and when you think quota you are really just seeing heavily enforced traffic violations and if you pull over enough people you will find drugs. canada goose

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canada goose coats on sale Civil forfeiture is the real problem here. Police can (and do) seize money, posessions, and canada goose uk property and you don even have to canada goose outlet 2015 be convicted of a crime. If the canada goose outlet in toronto cops THINK you are dealing drugs from your house, they take your house. If they THINK the money you have in a safe in your house is from illegal sources they take it, etc. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket Taking stuff from felons that clearly stole or otherwise attained such things illegaly is not the issue buy canada goose jacket.