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As a SAY coach for U8 and below

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canada goose deals Well, I’m only a F level, so I barely qualify, but have been coaching my kids through SAY and watching the local soccer ecosystem, I’d have to say the profits and parents seem to be a huge part of the issue.As a SAY coach for U8 and below, my foremost concerns have always been to make sure the kids were safe, had fun, and hopefully learned to play and love soccer. Every team in coached would be a Canada Goose Parka spectrum of players, from first timers to aces, and we’d usually end the season with about a.500 record. Every season, I’d hear the grumbles from some parents that having to play with newbies just “wasn’t fair” to the better players, and would play against coaches who would make their teams run laps for losing. canada goose deals

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