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I don see any serious competition for them anytime soon

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official canada goose outlet Both the Duster and the Suzuki Vitara are cheaper compared to Volkswagen Group CUV offerings, they canadian goose jacket are both pretty good cars in their class (customers over here in Europe don obsess over interior “luxuries” like wood panels or alcantara stuff like people in the US do, if we want to experience “luxury” we go to a museum or something) and canada goose black friday sale are most probably cheaper to maintain.I don see any serious competition for them anytime soon. Hyundai seems not to care about Canada Goose online the CUV market, or if it does, I don know anything about any of their related models, I know Kia has a CUV model which it sells here in Europe but for the life of me I can remember its name without looking on wikipedia (and almost nobody buys the Kia Soul since at least a couple of years), VW Group has forgotten to make affordable cars for the price conscious middle class people (and nowadays almost everyone is price conscious) while they trying to become more like BMW or Mercedes, Fiat has given up on building a decent CUV (the 500 XL or L thing, whatever is called, looks like an abomination), Peugeot has had a lot of bad years (I think their last successful model was the 206, launched more than 10 years ago) so that people are reluctant to go back to them with open arms (even though the 5008 looks nice for a CUV), and Honda and Toyota are reasonably successful but their CUV models are still priced a little higher compared to the canada goose store Duster and Vitara. There also Ford, which, come to think of it, I actually see as the only true competitor in this class for the Duster and Vitara, it just that buy canada goose jacket their reasonably priced Ecosport model is smaller, which leaves the Kuga as the only true competitor.. official canada goose outlet

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