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I passed the word along to the crew during afternoon quarters

SN Darwinism and the first poop debacle

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canadian goose jacket So before we move on to the “What did Darwinism do now?” part, I quickly breakdown some exposition details. So for those of you who haven lived in barracks before, you typically have an on base housing officer. This is the guy you go to when a room has missing furniture, someone reporting needs a room assigned, there are plumbing/lighting issues, setting up internet, etc. Anything really that has to do with your canada goose outlet trillium parka black quality of life inside the barracks goes through him/her. The housing officer also conducts monthly (or weekly if you a dirty bird fuck up) room inspections. canadian goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose Now our housing officer was a BM1 (E6) from a co located unit. He was a cool and reasonable guy, and wouldn go all canada goose outlet online store out and perform a white glove test or anything when he conducted room inspections. There also a checklist posted in every room detailing how/what the cleaning standards are and part of your check in process canada goose outlet mississauga when reporting aboard is to sit down with him and discuss expectations of general room cleanliness. Now these canada goose outlet in uk were all single barracks rooms so it fell upon you and you alone to make sure your ducks were in a row. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose deals Now, the BM1 and I had a good working relationship and friendship. He canada goose parka outlet would tell me roughly a week in advance when he was going to conduct a room inspection. As the most senior of our barracks rats, I would pass the message along to our crew as well as perform a pre inspection of my own on canada goose vest outlet our crew rooms on the canada goose parka uk morning of so they wouldn fail the real one. We trusted our guys to act like big boys and we generally had no problems. Maybe a reminder to leave the shower curtain extended when wet so canada goose outlet new york mildew wouldn grow. Very minor aesthetic stuff. No one wants to waste time during or outside of the workday being petty about room inspections so it was usually a 5 minute ordeal tops. Enter SN Darwinism. canada goose deals

Canada Goose online He had been here for maybe 3 weeks at that point. The very first afternoon that he showed up, I had sat him down with the housing officer and helped him settle in. Not like it was that hard since canada goose outlet florida he had 0 personal belongings and just a sea bag full of boot camp issued uniform items. Fucking idiotic but hey, it meant I didn have a whole lot to help him carry to his room. Namely, nothing. I had also stressed that recently, the barracks had undergone several plumbing/electrical/HVAC upgrades so let myself or BM1 know if there anything wrong with your room so we can get it straightened out since the work was still under warranty. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats These 3 weeks pass and although SN Darwinism was absolutely derailing the unit at work, all was quiet along the barracks front. That was until I got word canada goose outlet ontario on Monday that the BM1 would be performing a room inspection on Friday that same week. I passed the word along to the crew during afternoon quarters and canada goose outlet new york city thought nothing of canada goose outlet in chicago it. He still had almost no personal belongings outside of 2 books (I just as shocked as you are that he could read), a razor/toothbrush/shampoo/soap, and a single pair of civilian clothes. I assumed it would be literally impossible for him to fail. How very wrong I was. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance The morning of the room inspection, I triple check that my room is squared away and start doing my pre inspection and giving my guys a hand. Spotted my buddy a can of stainless steel shine for his sink/fridge/shower faucet and helped another shipmate swap out the ballast/bulb in his room. Everyone shit was otherwise spotless and the morning was going along swimmingly. That is, until I canada goose shop uk knocked on SN canada goose outlet online reviews Darwinism door. He answered, I stepped in through the doorway, and entered what I canada goose uk site can only describe as a realm born of an unholy chaos that would earn the blessing of Papa Nurgle himself. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket There was sand fucking EVERYWHERE. Not like a few grains or solitary pile where a post beach run shoe might have fallen. No, I mean an actual 1/2″ thick layer across 75% of the carpeted floor (Don worry, I explain later). You know the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan where they storm the beaches of Normandy? It felt like that except I was bending over to pick up my jaw instead of my amputated arm. Then my nose recovers from the shock and I immediately overwhelmed with the smell of foul cheese and meat. In between gagging, I manage to ask him where that ungodly stench was coming from. SN Darwinism had explained that he didn know how to work the microwave yet (lolwut) so he had been ordering a pizza every other night from Dominos. He of course lacked both the foresight to canada goose factory outlet vancouver purchase his own plates as well as common sense to simply walk down to the galley and borrow one, so he had been simply eating the pizza hunched over the side of his bed with toilet paper as a napkin. In addition to the fucking sand, there was a rather large scattering of cheese/meat droppings from 3 week worth of pizzas on the floor by the side of his bed. At this point, I didn even bother with the rest of the inspection. He was already going to fail tremendously. I told him that he needed to grab a fucking vacuum NOW, and turned to walk out the door so I could breathe again. buy canada goose jacket

On my way towards the exit, I glanced into his bathroom out of curiosity. There were globs of cement like toothpaste in the sink and smudges all over the mirror but at this point I didn even care. My attention was drawn however, to the light spray patterns of light brown along the floor/wall as well as a 5 gallon bucket by the toilet. Oh, also the subtle smell of canada goose outlet factory fucking raw sewage. That got canada goose outlet store new york my attention as well. I immediately realize what had happened but I drug him over by his collar so I could hear his stupid fucking mouth actually say it and justify my impending fury.

buy canada goose jacket cheap It turns out, that he was having toilet issues day one. Despite being almost too stupid to breathe, SN Darwinism had correctly decided to troubleshoot the chain/flapper/flapperseating/flapper canada goose outlet uk sale hook all on his own to canada goose kensington parka uk no avail. He had also correctly concluded that he could fill a bucket with water and “manually” flush the toilet contents so canada goose outlet miami to speak. This is a trick you are supposed to do ONE TIME to flush the toilet contents in an emergency after which you then contact a plumber to come fix the issue. If this was the entire story, I actually would have been impressed. This is SN Darwinism however so of fucking course it isn the entire story. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats on sale There were two mistakes he made. Three if you include not doing canada goose outlet shop the world a favor and just swallowing too many marbles as a kid. One, he had decided not to tell anyone and continued to manually flush his piss and famous gigantic shits for 3 weeks. Second mistake was not using the small waste basket THAT WAS ALREADY IN HIS BATHROOM NEXT TO THE TOILET, and instead opting to grab a 5 gallon bucket from our workshop and “water nuke” his shits from orbit. Obviously, piss and shit splashed back all over the fucking walls, floor, and ceiling. This combined with the rotten meat/cheese decor arrangement he had apparently decided on was causing the stench of death I had noticed earlier. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose store Here the kicker. My curiosity and rage had finally won out over my initial revulsion and I then asked him why the fuck he had so much sand on the floor. Let be honest, there were canada goose outlet us a million questions I wanted to ask him but I didn think he would be able to answer most of them like: “Why didn your dad pull out?”. He answered that growing up, he saw canada goose jacket outlet his mom set out a small container of “sand” (read baking soda or activated charcoal) to remove the smell when his childhood dog would come in from the yard wet from the rain. So when his room began to stink like shit/rotten food after week 1, SN Darwinism had filled the same bucket he had used to splash poop everywhere with sand from the adjacent beach several times over and dumped it all over his room. canada goose store

Canada Goose sale I left the room in a daze and texted my chief and the BM1 housing officer. We had a nice, longggggg chat in the BM1 office about canada goose jacket outlet store SN Darwinism decision making skills. He was only 3 weeks in and we were woefully oblivious to the true nature of this kid, so chief decided to cut him a bit of slack. Then you have to convince a board of officers to put down their golf clubs canada goose outlet boston for a day and present your documentation canada goose outlet black friday before them and they make the final call. It especially hard to achieve this when the member in question is just an E3 at a very canada goose outlet buffalo small unit. Although our lives were made hellish dealing with him, his destructive stupidity was isolated from affecting much of anyone else. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Jackets Which is not meant to be a slight against her or her crew, they canada goose outlet do a damned good job protecting our coast, and along with the Orca and Bluebell are welcomed sights during the Rose Festival Fleet Week. The USCG gets shafted hard when it comes to budget, and it totally unfair Canada Goose Jackets.