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I was still using a CRT monitor (21 inch Samsung

Besides, there are scores of punk subgenres (anarcho, crust, crossover, garage punk, surf punk, indie punk, pop punk, folk punk, Oi, streetpunk, orgcore, emo, hardcore, post hardcore, melodic hardcore, grindcore, riot grrl, skate punk, ska punk, psychobilly, cowpunk, horrorpunk, gothpunk, powerviolence, synthpunk, grunge, deathrock, post punk, dance punk, electro punk, americana punk, afropunk, taqwacore, queercore, shoegazing punk, soul punk, protopunk, new wave, etc etc etc) and the scene is arguably bigger now than it ever been, thanks to the internet and the prominence of indie and DIY labels and touring circuits. Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound, NOISEY, DyingScene, AP, Punknews, SPIN, Rolling Stone, PropertyofZack, hell even NPR has regular coverage about modern punk bands such as these guys. Not to mention, The Clash, “The Only Band That Matters” drew in different influences and sounds on every album but you be hard pressed to find someone that doesn think they punk.

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