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Jared was recently diagnosed with Leukemia

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) The summer heat is one reason why many of Louisville’s homeless set up camp near Jefferson and Preston Streets under Interstate 65.The underpass provides both shade and shelter from storms. But Tuesday morning, homeless people camped there said city workers threw away their belongings without warning.Louisville Metro Council drafted an ordinance to give the homeless a 21 day notice if they have to leave a camp. In this case, the state owns the property, so it’s not required, but the state agreed to follow the ordinance.Despite that, city officials said a 21 day notice was not required Tuesday because city crews and Louisville Metro Police officers only cleaned the area.The space under I 65 at Jefferson Street is home to Cashmere Mitchell, and it’s a shelter without being inside the shelter (Wayside Christian Mission) next door.>> RELATED: Metro Council passes ordinance protecting homeless camps”Most people’s stuff is neat, but as you know we’re homeless so it looks messy,” he said.Tuesday morning, he didn’t expect what happened.”We see the trucks rolling in,” he said.

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