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Long story short the base chief thought I had an attitude

Its Britney Bitch

Oh it is and I very aware of that. Long story short the base chief thought I had an attitude problem and wanted to knock me down a peg with a phantom uniform infraction, I quoted the rule that I was not breaking in front of a crowd, canada goose outlet in new york making him look like a little silly. After that he went digging and attempted to have me canada goose outlet in toronto charged with some more BS hoping that I would canada goose outlet jackets just fall in line, but it canada goose sale uk got thrown out after I opted to defend myself and he had zero evidence. I knew I canada goose outlet winnipeg was on really thin ice at that point and figured that I would just give him as little opportunitys as possible to catch me slipping. I see someone who didnt make it out of basic doing shit like that claiming the “veteran” title and it just irks canada goose shop uk me. Symptoms can start after a physical trauma, surgery, infection canada goose outlet store montreal or significant psychological stress. In some cases, symptoms gradually grow over time with nothing to trigger it.My doctor thinks I have it. I been in the Navy for 2.5 years now. They think it a combination canada goose parka outlet uk of stress from work and from a previous stress fracture that never healed canada goose outlet store toronto properly after basic training.Some people can deal with it. canada goose outlet in uk For many, it can be debilitating. There no cure.It terrible that it happening to you. And I not trying to canada goose outlet uk diminish it or nothing.But it damn shame there no chemical or DNA test for it, not way to figure triggers (or to prevent it from passing on to kids) canada goose outlet mall and no cure. No way to distinguish fakers from those actually in pain.But It the trifecta of what someone needs to get on disability. (Not just disability but also w meds). Not only that but the fakers probably destroy testing statistics. I was honestly devastated, shit was the worst feeling in the world watching your platoon graduate. I got canada goose jacket outlet toronto rid of all my army stuff. I didn’t earn it. When I was getting discharge the other people who didn’t make it were hiding their military ids, even though we had to turn them in. Most of them only made it to week 2,3 some even week 1. We did inventory and my boots were canada goose jacket outlet sale dirty, bloody from blisters and worn as fuck and theirs barley had a spec of dirt. It’s beyond canada goose outlet price me how you can just quit something so easily. I finally past the 6 canada goose outlet shop months waiting period to re enlist and just started the process and waiting for my waiver to go through. I think the one positive is I canada goose outlet black friday went though almost the whole boot camp so at least I know what to expect this time. My generation thinks everyone gets a participation award for shit they didn’t earnYou misunderstand my position.I sick of paying that stupid welfare. The only chance that the military had to ever protect me in my entire life was 9/11, and they completely canada goose outlet 80 off and utterly failed before murdering a million civilians and causing widespread chaos in the region that they deployed to.There were a few good members, but they spent those years in prison for refusing to unconstitutionally deploy.I fully for decreasing the amount of money paid to grunt service members until they all quit and get jobs producing things rather than murdering innocents for corporate profit.I build and create things for a living, in a competitive Canada Goose Outlet market. I have no pity for any retard that watched an NFL halftime show and signed up canada goose outlet new york city to carry a gun.Myself included, but it okay, I didn really need my lumbar spine anyways.Sorry dude. I joined for my own reasons, and none of them involved patriotism. What canada goose outlet factory more, I knew plenty of assholes who joined for selfish reasons and whose “service” hardly rates servicemember hero worship, and even a few who joined because a judge gave them a choice between jail time or military time. There were a few who really believed in what they were doing and who deserve praise and thanks, but “veteran” shouldn automatically make someone a hero.

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