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May The Creator guide and protect you all in everything you do

Meet Team iReport

Canada Goose online There are lots of folks at CNN who help make iReport tick (in addition to our awesome community, of course). canada goose outlet uk Here are canada goose factory outlet some quick introductions to a few of the folks you’re most likely to encounter here: Canada Goose online

canada goose deals David Williams I am the canada goose outlet orlando community manager at CNN iReport. I’ve been canada goose jacket outlet uk with CNN for 15 years. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket Christina Zdanowicz Hey, I’m Christina, the CNN iReport canada goose jacket uk news producer. I lead our daily news operations and make sure iReport is represented in the top stories. From covering breaking news to creating newsy assignments, canada goose outlet toronto location you can say I’m a newshound. When I’m not in iReportland, you’ll see me donning red sneakers, toting a camera in hand. buy canada goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose Daphne Sashin I serve as the bridge between the iReport community canada goose outlet us and CNN’s television networks. It’s my job to work with producers at CNN, CNN canada goose outlet belgium International, CNN en Espanol and HLN to find new and creative ways to showcase your stories. I’m always thrilled to see the fascinating stories iReporters send in to us from Australia to Zambia, so canada goose outlet factory if you’ve got canada goose outlet legit something you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it! cheap Canada Goose

Rachel Rodriguez Hi, I’m Rachel. Oh, and go on Facebook and watch funny iReport videos at work. When I’m not telling your stories, you can find me leading weekly CNN yoga (yes, really). I talk to iReporters every day. If your iReport is compelling and/or newsworthy, canada goose sale uk you may hear from me soon.

Canada Goose Outlet Jareen Imam Greetings! My name is Jareen and I am an associate producer with CNN iReport. Being an AP with iReport means I have the amazing opportunity to meet and chat with iReporters from around the world. canada goose outlet store new york You could say that I wear canada goose parka outlet uk a lot of hats around here, both literally and figuratively. I’m always on the hunt for stories on our site that are generating a lot of buzz. Got an awesome idea? Talk to me. Let’s make it happen. Canada Goose Outlet

Nnedike Ugoji Hi I’m Nnedike, your marketing lead for CNN iReport. It’s my job to help build canada goose outlet store uk awareness around iReport, and let people know about all of the ways they can participate. I also help to spread the word about iReport’s exciting assignments, interactives, new programs and features.

Canada Goose Jackets Christian Oliver I’m the technophilic Business Manager from the Strategy group that is always trying to come up with interesting opportunities to help make iReport grow, build new features and reach a larger audience. I canada goose outlet near me may freak out if I’m offline but can always compensate by putting on my running shoes. Have worked with online journalism since 1995. Have tried lots of things, many of them once, but I’m always willing to try something new, specially in music. Generally afraid of resisting to change. canada goose outlet online uk Believe that if I’m not canada goose outlet toronto address failing, I’m playing it too safe. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket cheap I see a hard working group of smart, young professionals. I am envious, what a great time of life for you all and to be in Atlanta with such cool jobs. Having the whole world watching what you do for a living and you can tell that you all love doing it. With technology canada goose outlet niagara falls and the advances of the internet, it has canada goose vest outlet been fun for someone like me (an ol guy) to learn to maneuver through the web and follow you all on your twitters and flickrs pages. And ya’ll have helped be to become quite the local celebrity myself, with CNN iReport and face book, I get to brag about my vetted reports to my friend and on a rare occasion, I get some air time on our local television and canada goose outlet houston in our local paper. So, I want to say thanks for showing my photography to the world (I am very proud of that) and congrates to you all for landing a job at CNN. Keep working hard, enjoy your young life’s and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!Hello iReport Team! Today was the first time since I joined that I have successfully logged on. I’m happy to be here and may discover that my biased opinions might get me into trouble, though once upon a time I hoped I’d be a true journalist. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose I really want to get involved with the discussion about Women’s Rights with regard to their bodies. We all know what that discussion is about, actually. I’d like to broaden it to include Men’s canada goose outlet germany Rights with regard to their bodies, as well. I suppose this would be a commentary rather than a report. Let me know, please, if you, canada goose victoria parka outlet our management team, feel this could be something of interest. I think women would be very interested. Just my humble opinion, canada goose outlet mall or in DECcie terms, jmho, folks. canada goose

canada goose coats Hey everybody. I have a question related to a CNN interview with police Chief Don Hunter of Marcos Islands, Florida I saw this afternoon. Chief Hunter stated that he investigated a former Florida police officer that was the last one to see two Florida men, (one African American, and the other Hispanic). He said that the investigation is still open with their sheriffs department. My question is why did he not turn the investigation over to the Feds since the two men are still missing, and the case involved police corruption? Maybe he can be asked this question during a future interview. Thank you. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale Greetings to the family that I now belong canada goose outlet uk fake too. I go by canada goose outlet buffalo the name “The Good Doctor” aka ‘Doc’. As I look at the team of I Reporters. I as well take Pride, in representing This Corporation. While using Tack determination, I plan on being a strong ‘sprocket’ in the realm canada goose outlet in chicago of reporting. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store I plead right Here and Now to respect and honor. Those who have came before me. Who’s shoulders I now stand upon in my quest of Journalism. I have a superb team that will beat down the doors, and go where “we” are needed within this concrete jungle. Team Swaggas as they are called, will be an asset to CNN I REPORTERS. canada goose store

canada goose clearance As you read this, we have been working on a story about a ‘Big Corporation’ since December. We may not win an Award but I can guarantee. With all here at CNN I reporter. May The Creator guide and protect you all in everything you do. canada goose clearance

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