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Once the Xanax withdrawals kick in its too late you’re full on

alcohol withdrawal dies at New Orleans jail

Hey, I been to jail too, and conditions are truly horrible, but I would like to canada goose outlet in toronto point out that the vast majority of people in our jail are not killers. canada goose outlet miami I think that rhetoric makes it easy to write people off and also obscures the fact that Orleans Parish is unique in the unusually wide array of offenses that it locks people up for. Some of those cheap canada goose jackets people are canada goose outlet woodbury in for traffic violations. A large proportion are mentally ill. They took me to Gretna for some reason.I was canada goose outlet usa in a room with probably 50 other people and the floor smelled worse than canada goose outlet store montreal a bourbon street road brick. It was just green concrete that smelled so strongly of bodily waste that you could taste it. I smarted off to one of the little penised guards and so they put me in a cell with a hole in the ground and a huge mound of shit in it. Some people in jail need to be treated like animals but canada goose outlet jackets it’s a sliver of the population. Cops canada goose outlet store calgary have inferiority complexes (and rightly so) and thusly treat everyone like criminals/animals. That’s why I don’t care when they get killed. Once the Xanax withdrawals kick in its too late you’re full on addicted. There’s no quitting cold turkey and being normal. That shit could take weeks given that your cravings aren’t so severe you mess up your taper or if you don’t canada goose parka outlet have access you canada goose outlet parka have daily withdrawal seizures, panic attacks, and nightmares. I’d rather canada goose outlet uk just take the drugs till i died than get help because the costs scared me canada goose outlet in chicago so much. The barrier to telling a canada goose victoria parka outlet society that demonized my very existence just like you’re doing now. It delayed me until i overdosed and miraculously lived through it. and then saying you can manage it is detrimental to society as a whole and one of the root issues, especially with opioids. Shaming drug users is pretty effective. Enabling, and or diminishing the dangers of doing addictive drugs is reprehensible and anyone doing so goose outlet canada should feel ashamed.Thats my contribution to the discussion. Now in reddit fashion please downvote me because you don agree. Mind altering substances have been a part of human history since we were smart enough to realize what they were. I guessing that you more than willing to ignore the “drugs” canada goose outlet kokemuksia that you yourself canada goose parka uk enjoy (coffee, nicotine, alchohol). Also, treating drug use as a legal issue rather than a health issue is the canada goose outlet mall reason why there is so many people losing their lives. Addiction is very treatable, but not for a broke drug addict who is afraid of being jailed. People should have the knowledge and ability to self medicate, but the powers that be would rather make a profit off throwing people in jail, and convincing idiots like you that it the drug fault with propaganda. is obesity, but im sure you don want anyone to acknowledge that for whatever canada goose outlet store uk reason.The fact that canada goose stockists uk stupid humans have been getting themselves addicted to drugs for thousands of years doesn buy canada goose uk negate the fact that ADDICTION. IS. BAD.Jeez, this isn a canada goose outlet boston legal or health issue here. I simply pointing out the FACT that addictive substances aren conducive to a functioning society, canada goose outlet in montreal or a healthy mind. Addiction is bad, i agree, but not all usage is addiction. Your suggestion of treating drug use with abstinence is just as effective as how it done canada goose outlet toronto address with sexual education, not at all. You sound canada goose outlet online store review like someone who has never known or talked to a drug addict a day in your life, much less actually had intimate experiences with drugs and their effects. What im telling you is your ideas are conservatively archaic. The drug war has done more harm than good and your negative mindset on drugs are the reason there is so little understanding as to how exactly we need to help these people. And the comment about abstinence isn a good comparison because of contraceptives. There aren contraceptives for drugs (unless you count subxone or other agonists) and there no abortion option. you continue to be presumptuous by assuming I have no experience in dealing with junkies. I had 7 friends die from opioid and/or benzo overdose canada goose outlet hong kong and addiction. One was having withdrawals so badly he had a seizure next to a pool and canada goose outlet shop drowned to death. I not here to offer concrete solutions but if they never got hooked in the first place they might still be here. Ive lost friends myself, but don you think our friends would still be canada goose outlet factory here today if there were systems in place to help a struggling and addicted mind instead of criminally shaming them? You seem to think society can function with these substances, ignoring thousands of years of functioning. It all about how you handle usage. do you accept that humans are prone to chemically altering experience and should be given free reign of their minds, and work to make that process as safe and viable as possible, or do you demonize these people and processes because it too hard to look at the real problems facing society today canada goose factory outlet vancouver and the reasons people want to turn to such outlets?There are systems in canada goose outlet uk fake place, you can force anyone into treatment however. The legal ramifications of this issue are far too harsh, but let not forget the events that lead up to an arrest. There are exceptions, believe me, but the people in jail let the substance abuse problem get so bad they landed themselves there. Rarely do people get thrown in jail simply for being addicted, they commit crimes to support their habit. Pushing and trafficking drugs is a great example. Many are forced to sell drugs to support their addiction and those that sell often push others who wouldn normally use into an addiction situation; wash rinse repeat. The entire system is screwed. Are the penalties too harsh? That a complicated question. A drug dealer gets some junk contaminated canada goose outlet new york city with fentanyl and people die, vs a drug dealer that sells pure but leads to an OD death. Is that murder in both cases? The concept is incredibly legally convoluted because of the concept of culpability.If I have to be the grand poobah for a day I would make a law stating any individual arrested who is seriously addicted would be kept under medical attention until they are clean, and then serve their time, which would pay for their treatment in the hospital canada goose uk site as to not piss off the taxpayers.

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