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The government handed financial policing powers to the FSA in

With soaring household debt levels and real estate prices, Sweden has been locked in a debate about how to prevent imbalances from building up and threatening the health of the economy.responsibility for macro prudential oversight should lie with the FSA, FSA Director General Erik Thedeen and Chairman Sven Erik Osterberg said in a signed article in daily Dagens Moncler Outlet Nyheter.Riksbank independent role is suitable for monetary policy, but not for decisions where clearly political considerations are necessary.The FSA said that Sweden Financial Stability Council, which comprises the watchdog, the Riksbank, the Finance Ministry and Debt Office, should have a key role and that democratic oversight of measures that would impact the wallets of ordinary Swedes was necessary.The two agencies have been locked in a battle over financial oversight following the financial crisis of 2008. The government handed financial policing powers to the FSA in 2013.But the lack of measures to head off a damaging housing bubble has frustrated the Riksbank and the two agencies have repeatedly clashed.Earlier this year, FSA chief Thedeen sent a letter to the Riksbank complaining that the central bank was stepping on the watchdog toes over regulating banks liquidity requirements.The FSA said tighter mortgage rules delayed by uncertainty over the watchdog legal powers were now on the way, but that more might be needed to cool the housing market.Both the FSA and the Riksbank said the watchdog powers should be clarified, while the government undertakes a review of the framework for macro prudential oversight and the Riksbank mandate. (Reporting by Simon Johnson; Editing by Hugh Lawson)..

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